eINTERACT Certification for EHR Vendors

As an EHR vendor, you will soon be able to pursue the industry-accepted certification of the INTERACT quality improvement program on your platform.

Florida Atlantic University is currently in the development phase for eINTERACT certification. If you wish to view the most up to date information concerning its availability and development requirements, please check back on this site often, or register to receive email notifications of our progress.

V1.0 of the eINTERACT specification and associated use cases are scheduled for release in Fall 2013.

The eINTERACT certification process will require vendors to demonstrate that key aspects of the INTERACT Quality Improvement program and associated decision support tools have been embedded within their EHR applications in a systematic process. The goal is to enhance the clinical utility of an EHR with an aim of reducing hospitalization rates for Nursing Home residents. Some definitions will be helpful to describe this process:


eINTERACT Certification Panel

This will be organized solely by Florida Atlantic University and will be composed of a group of academics, clinicians, and individuals with a health information systems background who will oversee the eINTERACT Certification process. This panel will define the eINTERACT Use Cases and will supervise the eINTERACT Certification Process described below.

The initial members will be:

eINTERACT Requirements Specification

This refers to a document that lists the set of specific requirements which will guide the instantiation of the INTERACT Licensed Materials into an electronic environment with a goal of maximizing the clinical utility of the EHR system. It is estimated that the V1.0 eINTERACT Specification will be released during the fall of 2013 and when they are released they will be posted on this web site for public review and free download.

eINTERACT Certification Use Cases

These will be a group of sample standardized test cases or clinical scenarios defined by the eINTERACT Certification Panel, that will be utilized in assessing the Vendor EHR systems that have embedded the INTERACT Licensed Materials. The eINTERACT Use Cases will be used to evaluate the functionality of all eINTERACT Specifications within the implementation of the Vendor’s EHR system. The eINTERACT Use Cases will be released concurrently with the eINTERACT Specifications and, when they are released, they will be posted on this web site for public review and free download.

eINTERACT Certification Process

Vendors that seek eINTERACT Certification will be required to provide a functional login into their EHR system so that the eINTERACT Certification Panel can witness the processing of the eINTERACT Certification Use Cases. If the eINTERACT Use Cases are processed correctly, thereby meeting all eINTERACT Specifications in a traceability matrix, then the panel will witness and document that the EHR Vendor meets eINTERACT Certified criteria as defined in the eINTERACT Specifications and be deemed to be eINTERACT Certified.

Once a Vendor has become eINTERACT Certified they will be able to display the eINTERACT Certification logo that will be provided to them by the Certification Panel. There is no limit to the number of times a Licensee may request eINTERACT Certification evaluation of their EHR by the eINTERACT Certification Panel. There will be only a nominal fee for the eINTERACT Certification evaluation process.

Please note that, during the evaluation process, interested EHR Vendors will not be required to submit internal company software documentation utilized in the process of embedding the Licensed INTERACT Materials nor will Vendors be required to share their source code with members of the eINTERACT Certification Panel.