eINTERACT for LTPAC providers

There are more than 1.6 million Americans currently living in nursing homes – approximately 60 percent are sent to emergency rooms and 25 percent are admitted to an acute hospital each year.

Although hospitalizations are often required for medical reasons, experts suggest that up to 40 percent, and sometimes more, of these admissions and readmissions, as well as emergency room visits and observation stays, could be avoided with enhanced care in the skilled nursing facility. In a collaborative quality improvement project, the INTERACT program was implemented in 30 community-based nursing homes in Florida, Massachusetts, and New York over a six-month period and resulted in a 17% reduction in hospital admissions among the residents. The reduction was even greater in homes that were more engaged in implementing the INTERACT program and tools. More effective implementation of INTERACT via eINTERACT could result in improved care, fewer complications of hospitalization, and billions of dollars in Medicare savings over the next several years – some of which could be shared with providers to support further improvements in care.

eINTERACT takes the INTERACT program and tools and embeds them within Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, giving you a single, integrated solution that provides the ability to proactively improve early identification, evaluation, documentation, and communication about changes in the status of a resident’s condition to reduce post acute care transfers. By demonstrating proven and industry acceptable standards designed to assist in the reduction of potentially preventable hospital admissions and readmissions, you will maintain a positive relationship with primary sources of resident admissions.