About eINTERACT - Reduce unnecessary acute care transfers by as much as 40%

CMS instituted the 30-day hospital readmissions penalty, seizing 1 percent of a hospital's entire Medicare billings. However, recent Medicare data shows a large percentage of hospitals are still experiencing high readmission rates.

In long-term care, each of us plays an integral role in the fight against hospital readmissions. As an acute care provider, your best weapon for reducing them is to work with LTPAC providers who have proven methods to manage and reduce re-hospitalizations.

Knowing how to identify these LTPAC providers is essential. Sharing the same caregiving goals and understanding how their clinical processes affect their readmission rates is always important. However, the defining criteria is ensuring the organization is employing a quality insurance program, like INTERACT® and eINTERACT.

Such nationally accepted programs are proven to reduce re-hospitalizations, the complications patients endure and the high costs associated them, while minimizing Medicare penalties against your organization. Contact us today, and we can help discover the right partner for you.

To get on the path toward partnering with an LTPAC provider who can help your organization reduce readmissisons and avoid penalties, simply fill in this form and a Special PDF checklist will be sent to you.